The cobbler’s children are the worst shod

Régis Jauffret got it right when he said that he was disgusted by writers who think of their readers. Jonathan Meades in Museum Without Walls I currently ply my trade as a, variously, content strategist, ux writer, content designer, copywriter, communications consultant. I make sure the content I produce or commission for clients serves a purpose, […]


Things might look wonky for a while. I’ve just moved this blog to a new host and enabled SSL (that’s the main reason why it’s on a new host), and some things might have got lost or broken in the move.

What to do if you can’t see the pictures on Pinterest

A few weeks ago we switched our home broadband to Vodafone. Not coincidentally, Pinterest started looking odd. We could get to the site but none of the pictures were loading – instead, all we’d see was blocks of colour. I won’t bore you with the technical troubleshooting but basically Vodafone was blocking Pinterest pictures. I […]

I’m spitting words but there’s no meaning…

Starting in 🇦🇺 on 3/21 and moving across the 🌍, we thank you for 10 incredible years. Love, Twitter#LoveTwitter — Twitter (@Twitter) March 20, 2016 It’s Twitter’s 10th birthday so what better day to stop prevaricating over a blog post about me breaking up with Twitter that’s been brewing for about 6 weeks and finally get […]