What to do if you can’t see the pictures on Pinterest

A few weeks ago we switched our home broadband to Vodafone. Not coincidentally, Pinterest started looking odd. We could get to the site but none of the pictures were loading – instead, all we’d see was blocks of colour.

I won’t bore you with the technical troubleshooting but basically Vodafone was blocking Pinterest pictures. I don’t know why but I do know how I fixed it: basically taking Vodafone out of the equation. As I write this, Pinterest and Vodafone seem to have sorted out their differences but I’ll keep this up for anyone still experiencing problems.

These are instructions for Vodafone’s routers. If you’re using a different provider, the general principle of changing your DNS configuration is the same but obviously you’ll need to work out the exact steps yourself.

Vodafone Connect settingsVodafone Connect settings

  1. Log in to your Vodafone Connect broadband router admin at
  2. If you’re in ‘Basic mode’, you’ll need to change to ‘Expert mode’ using the option at the top right.
  3. Go to the ‘Internet’ tab.
  4. Then click ‘DNS & DDNS’ on the left nav.
  5. Change your DNS configuration to ‘Manually’.
  6. Enter your DNS servers of choice (see below).
  7. Click ‘Apply’. You might need to wait a few minutes before Pinterest starts working properly again so don’t worry if doing this doesn’t fix things right away.

What numbers you put in the DNS address boxes depends on what service you want to use. The simplest option is to use Google’s public DNS service, in which case use this:

Domain Name Server (DNS) Address:
Secondary DNS Address (optional):

You’ll notice in the screenshots here that I use and These are OpenDNS servers. I use them because by registering an account with them, I have a bit of control over what sites to block, but it’s the slightly techie option, so if you just want a quick fix, stick with Google’s service.

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