We hate it when our friends become successful…

The Guardian reports on AA Gill winning Hatchet Job of the Year: “A cacophony of jangling, misheard and misused words … a sea of Stygian self-justification and stilted self-conscious prose … ” AA Gill’s caustic review of Morrissey’s Autobiography has been named the Hatchet Job of the Year. Now, I actually enjoyed Morrissey’s autobiography and […]

6 days to 13.1 miles

One of the reasons I was keen to play football yesterday was because I’m running the Brighton half-marathon this coming Sunday. A combination of the awful weather and a dodgy ankle has rather stopped me from training for the half-marathon in any real sense and had yesterday’s game been called off, I would have been […]

Another victory

Against all odds, my game of football took place this morning. Given the stupid amount of rain that’s fallen so far this winter, it’s been no surprise that pretty much every game of football I’ve had scheduled for a Saturday has been called off, yet the game today was confirmed as being very much on. […]

Back to fasting

Now that my anti-resolution January‘s over, I can go back to fasting and I’m actually looking forward to it. Yesterday’s dinner of some of that delicious no-knead bread with some camembert was feeling very heavy in my stomach this morning, so it’s a relief that I now have (self-given) permission to fast. Of course, I […]