Blue bread

A's blue bread


I’m not sure what prompted the conversation with A that led to the baking of blue bread, but you can see above the result. I suppose I was trying to get her interested in baking bread and somehow the high water content of 24 hour no-knead bread made me think that it would be relatively easy to make coloured bread.

There’s a particular knack with the initial mixing of very wet dough and A is yet to learn it (understandably). This meant the addition of more water than necessary to make sure A could easily get the dry flour to make contact with the dyed water. So much so that I think we ended up with about 97% hydration dough. Even for 24 hour no-knead bread, that’s a heck of a lot and so I’m not surprised the loaf came out shaped more like a cake than a round loaf, since there wasn’t enough ‘hold’ to lift it clear of the sides of the casserole.

The loaf tastes absolutely fine but it’s interesting how its blueness and spongey texture (on account of the very high hydration) makes you expect more of a sweet cake taste, which messes with your taste buds at first.

I think I’ll probably experiment a bit with that and write up the results on the soon-to-be resurrected food blog, seeing as tonight marks the last obligatory blog post of my idiotic 39th birthday resolution to blog each day on here. Reflections on the past 365 days/entries to come tomorrow when I can be bothered, but for now, a massive sense of relief that I’ve made it to the end.

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  1. Hi there! Found your blog via Hacker News. I like the way you write and would like to follow you. However, I can only find feeds for individual posts. Can I haz a site feed?

      1. Vanity projects are the best kind of projects! You have a relaxed way of writing. I try to do the same, but in Swedish (which is my native tongue). Thanks for the feed URL! Swear I tried it, but perhaps I did not.

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