Being bad

This whole reverse psychology gubbins is easy, innit? Having decided not to bother with any resolutions this month, I’m finding it hard to stop myself thinking I shouldn’t do this or I shouldn’t do that. Tonight, for example, I’ve found myself thinking that I really shouldn’t order a filthy pizza for my dinner tonight and […]

Graeme Le Saux: How gay slurs almost wrecked my career

Given yesterday’s announcement by Thomas Hitzlsperger that he’s gay, this article by Graeme Le Saux from 2007 about his experiences of being taunted for being gay (although he isn’t – he just reads the Guardian!) – How Gay Slurs Almost Wrecked My Career – is all the more interesting. Given the peer pressure, I do not think a […]

I could never be what you wanted, I could never feel you wanted me to feel…

I know this isn’t a particularly original thought but January’s a pretty rubbish month to be starting with new resolutions, isn’t it? Well, it is in the northern hemisphere anyway. The crap weather, short days and long nights mean that any resolutions to do with exercise or diet are a nightmare because the instinct is […]

I’m the screen the blinding light. I’m the screen, I work at night…

Today I fell asleep during a trip to the cinema with A to watch Moshi Monsters the Movie. It’s the second time it’s happened – the first being the birthday trip – and I’m now left with a sense of inevitably of my turning into my parents. I have memories of my dad taking me […]