Blue Monday, bad science and nonsense PR

Blue Monday, bad science and nonsense PR | Michael Marshall | Science | Excellent blog post by Michael Marshall on The Guardian science blog on pseudo-scientific nonsense created by PR companies and dutifully/lazily reported on by newspapers. As a sceptic – in the sense that I don’t necessarily take things at face value, rather […]

73-year-old man creates magnificent paintings using nothing but Excel

I spent most of the working day today in Excel hell so it was good to see this on Bored Panda: 73-Year-Old Man Creates Magnificent Paintings Using Nothing But Excel. Being the sceptical kind, I downloaded the raw file just to check the art was genuinely done in Excel and, as far as I can tell, […]

In the hit parade I hear the sighs of ecstasy that only love and music buy…

As someone who loves breaking bread – I made a gorgeous flatbread the other day that was so good it was scoffed before I even thought to take a picture – the dawning realisation among dieticians that sugar is the major enemy of health, rather than fat, is somewhat disappointing. (See Sugar is now enemy […]

Blissful Sunday

Today was pretty much a perfect Sunday. Pancakes and bacon drizzled in maple syrup for breakfast (A’s favourite), followed by a good long walk around a National Trust property, Nymans. We’ve been once before, years ago, but our trip lasted only a few minutes as A was throwing a real hissy fit, having woken up […]