It’s not my fault, I don’t care, I don’t regret a single thing…

I made my seventh appearance on The Chain today, with Kaiser Chiefs – You Can Have It All. I hadn’t realised until I looked it up but my previous appearance on The Chain had been in January 2013, so I think I was well overdue an appearance.

Seeing as I picked Kaiser Chiefs mainly because they’re A’s favourite band I thought I’d get my bit up on iPlayer for her. She wasn’t impressed. Well, she was pleased about Kaiser Chiefs being played but my description as ‘Chain legend’ was met with a rather derisive tone of ‘you’re not a legend’ followed by ‘it doesn’t count being called a legend by those people because they’re not famous’. After I pointed out Radcliffe and Maconie were venerable broadcasters who even appear on tv occasionally, A just said, ‘Well, my friends haven’t heard of you so you’re not famous.’ Kids, eh?

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