Oh, the irony…

I’m approaching the end of my stupid (and it is stupid) resolution to blog every day for a year and I’m starting to think about what I’ve learned from the experiment. It needs more thought than my self-inflicted sleep-deprived brain can handle right now, but the stats are clearly showing one thing: if I want to chase […]

It’s not my fault, I don’t care, I don’t regret a single thing…

I made my seventh appearance on The Chain today, with Kaiser Chiefs – You Can Have It All. I hadn’t realised until I looked it up but my previous appearance on The Chain had been in January 2013, so I think I was well overdue an appearance. Seeing as I picked Kaiser Chiefs mainly because […]

A daddy weekend

P flew to the US on Friday afternoon, leaving me to experience life as a single parent for 9 days. I say that but of course I’m being flippant and I’m in no way trying to suggest that being in temporary sole charge of a very well behaved child is comparable to a real single […]

Kissing frogs

So, as I suspected, the stress involved with trying to sell our house quickly enough to buy the house we fell in love with was all for naught, as someone beat us to the punch. After a day of wallowing and ‘woe is me’, I picked myself off the floor enough to start the search […]