Smelly cat, smelly cat – what are they feeding you?

Tiger’s breath absolutely reeked last night. It was so bad that A actually requested we remove him from her bed. This morning, he was in his basket at the top of the house when I checked on him again. No sign of any improvement – on the contrary, he smelt worse and he was licking his gammy leg profusely. A quick examination of the paw revealed a lot of swelling, leading to a hurried phone call to the vet and, 10 minutes later, Tiger was on the vet’s table being examined. (Very useful having a vet so close by.) We had to leave Tiger at the vet for a couple of hours so they could clean up the infection. The long and short of it is that he’s fine but we need to keep him in for a few days and give him antibiotics. He may end up finally losing that leg of his, but we’ll see how the conversation with the vet goes on Tuesday when Tiger goes back in for a check.

A’s also blogged about it.

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