Star Wars lightsabers finally invented

Wannabe Jedi Knights rejoice, for scientists have discovered that the famous lightsaber weapon wielded by Luke Skywalker and his ilk in the long-running space opera saga might one day exist beyond the realms of fiction.

When I was growing up, my weapon of choice wasn’t a gun, sword or my fists. It was a lightsaber. A gentleman’s weapon, the effective use of which was art, not brute force. Did I say ‘when I was growing up’? It’s still my weapon of choice and I still ridiculously get a yearning for a real one whenever I pick up a toy lightsaber. So the news that Star Wars lightsabers have finally been invented is too exciting for words. I hope they invent the technology to create fully functioning limb replacements, though. I don’t really fancy having my hand chopped off Luke Skywalker style without that backup.

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