Fast diet, week 3

Yesterday was the first fasting day of my third week into the fast diet. Since I’m following the 5:2 version of the fast diet, that’s only the fifth actual day of fasting but I can already feel a tangible difference in the way I’m eating on my non-fasting days.

As I mentioned last month when I said I was going to go on the fast diet, one of the things about the fast diet is that in theory you can go nuts on your non-fasting days. In practice, I’ve found that I don’t want to. Today, for instance, even thought I had fasted yesterday, I didn’t feel ravenous when I woke up. I just had a normal sized breakfast and a cuppa. You’d have thought I’d be up for an English breakfast the morning after a fast but the opposite is true: I really can’t face anything too heavy. And, in fact, I wasn’t at all hungry for lunch until much later than usual. I guess it’s similar to how, after something like flu that’s laid me low for a week without eating much, I don’t really feel like eating loads to catch up on what I’ve missed. It’s like my stomach has shrunk and is just used to hunger so I can cope with it better, and realise what true hunger is.

As an aside, one odd thing I found after the first day of fasting was that the cherries I ate for breakfast were the sweetest tasting cherries I’d ever eaten my whole life. I ate some cherries from the same box the next day and they didn’t taste as sweet, so there was definitely something going on with the tastebuds.

Even if I do decide to pig out, I certainly feel less guilty if I decide to order a medium pizza for myself instead of a small one like I did the other night but I didn’t force myself to finish the whole damn thing like I’ve sometimes done. And, in mitigation, I played 90 minutes of football earlier in the day so earned something of a pig-out.

Reading this back, I’m struck now how I’m focused on the non-fasting days and the positive effect the fast diet’s had on them. The fasting days themselves have become easier with each fast so they don’t really have as much significance to my mind as when I started. I’m even at a point where I wonder if fasting on just two days each week is really enough but the fact is that my weight is definitely coming down, my BMI is within healthy parameters and, importantly for me, my body fat percentage is coming down. I won’t release any figures just yet – partly because I’m too disorganised/lazy to gather them for you now – but will share when there’s a decent amount of data.

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