A happy Saturday

A rare Saturday today – rare enough for me to note here – in which I personally had a storming game of football (best I’ve played for years) and Crystal Palace registered their first 3 points of the season, beating Sunderland 3-1. That, and my girls are back home after their week in Devon. Happy […]

You can dye your hair but it’s the one thing you can’t change – can’t run away from yourself…

Running: a great sport to start in later life on theguardian.com: One of the ironies of the current boom in participation is that while unprecedented numbers of people are taking up running, many of these people are in their 30s or above. There was a time when I used to flatter myself that I was […]

Fast diet, week 3

Yesterday was the first fasting day of my third week into the fast diet. Since I’m following the 5:2 version of the fast diet, that’s only the fifth actual day of fasting but I can already feel a tangible difference in the way I’m eating on my non-fasting days. As I mentioned last month when […]