The doctor say he’s comin’ but you gotta pay in cash

All-inclusive holidays are great – you don’t have to worry about carrying money around for food and drinks or accidentally racking up a massive bill to pay off at the end of the holiday – but for a glutton like me, it’s pretty hard on the waistline. There’s two factors at play, at least for me:

  1. Determination to get value for money – after all, I’ve essentially paid in advance for all the food and drink so I need to eat and drink shedloads in order to ‘break even’.
  2. Inability to restrict what I put on my plate or to leave the food on the plate when I’m full.

Anyway, I’m by no means enormous but I am overweight and increasingly conscious of mortality (it’s that impending mid-life crisis). I do myself a slight disservice in that I think I restrained myself somewhat compared to previous years at the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, and I did make a conscious effort to pile more vegetables onto the plate ((although if we were back at  Sharm El Sheikh I would have stuck to the deep-fried beige stuff because at least there was more chance of any Sharm El Shits-causing bugs having been cooked off)). I still ate too much though and on the fifth morning of the holiday I announced to P that I was going to give the Fast Diet a go.

I’ve never been on a diet before but this one seems manageable – mainly because, to simplify horrendously – it’s saying ‘diet for two days a week and go nuts on the other five days if you want to’. Given that I can sometimes accidentally go through most of the day without eating, formalising that and doing it on a regular basis as part of weight-loss regime feels achievable. What also clinched it was that apparently it’s ok to keep exercising on the fasting days although with careful management I could just avoid fasting on the days I want to run or play football.

Why am I telling you this? Well, apart from getting at least one blog post out of this, the book says I should tell everyone I’m doing it to kind of apply peer pressure on myself.

I’m not starting just yet as I want to get some blood tests done at the GP to establish a baseline against which to measure progress but like a stereotypical geek, I’ve set up a spreadsheet to track my progress. I’ll also give updates as and when seems appropriate (and, let’s face it, when I can’t think of anything else to blog about).

Post title lyric taken from The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane

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