(Not Heston’s) ice cream cranachan sundae

Cranachan ice cream sundae


Waitrose are pimping Heston’s salted caramel popcorn ice cream at the moment and they’ve got a recipe card out at the moment for Heston’s ice cream cranachan sundae. P picked up the recipe card, having heard me rave about the Crown cranachan I had a couple of months ago and A, not missing a trick, immediately asked if we could make the cranachan sundae upon clocking the recipe card.

Well, I love cooking with A – even if I find it a little stressful, given my control-freakery in the kitchen – so how could I refuse? Alas, the salted caramel popcorn ice cream was sold out at Waitrose but we substituted it with some toffee honeycomb ice cream. It’s actually a fairly simple dish – there’s just quite a few component parts that need to be prepared in advance – and it went down very well for a Sunday dinner dessert. I could do with leaving out the chocolate custard element but I can see it being an indulgent dinner party dessert.

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