The world will rejoice when you’re losing your voice…

Charlie Brooker witing in The Guardian on “why I’m reducing my word emissions”: Everybody talking at once and all over each other; everyone on the planet typing words into their computers, for ever, like I’m doing now. I fail to see the point of roughly 98% of human communication at the moment, which indicates I need […]

A Chinaman abroad

England is far from perfect but I still can’t think of any other country I’d rather live in at the moment. Particularly when you get conversations like the one I had last week in Turkey. Waiter: Where are you from? Me: London. Waiter: Really? Me: Yes. Well, now I live just outside London but I […]

Torturous teen

Torturous teen. To think I once believed teen-rearing would be so easy; like most parents, I thought I had the “magic touch” that would make my own teenager be my pal instead of my enemy. No suck luck. Final paragraph of chapter 11 of Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland Given how moody A […]

An accidental trilogy: The Great Gatsby, Girlfriend in a Coma, Fight Club

  As I mentioned yesterday, I managed to get through three novels this holiday, which I believe is unprecedented, certainly in The Amélie Years. That said, when I was choosing the books to take, I deliberately chose relatively slim tomes, partly so they wouldn’t take up much luggage space or weight. The Great Gatsby, of […]