I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract…

This week I finally got round to playing with the Radian time-lapse and panning widget thing that I backed on Kickstarter. It works just as I expect but as with many of these kinds of toys, they just enable creativity rather than create it. I made my first test video today and it’s so dull I’m not even going to bother embedding it or linking to it. But I got the first video out of the way and, for me, that’s quite a significant thing because I’m often paralysed by my own expectation that everything I do needs to be perfect. Sometimes it’s not that – sometimes it’s just laziness or an expectation that because I think I know how something works that the first time I do it, it’s going to be right.

That applies to many things in life and work. To take a currently pertinent example, the first draft of a story ((or a blog post, even, although I rarely draft these things, as if you haven’t noticed, and I just publish blog posts here without dwelling too much on it nowadays)) or some marketing copy or whatever is the hardest but what I’ve learned is not to get too precious about it and recognise that it’s something to react against in order to get to the finished product.

Thinking about this reminds me of the marshmallow challenge – the key point of which, from what I remember, is that trying and failing gets you more success than taking ages planning and theorising. The TED talk (as with most TED talks) is entertaining as well as informative.

Post title lyric taken from R.E.M. – I Believe

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