Cracking cranachan at the Crown at Bray

I went for lunch at The Crown at Bray today. Before looking at its website, I had no idea it was a Heston Blumenthal establishment, which goes some way to telling you how his influence is mainly in the quality of the food rather than in the recipes. It’s standard decent modern pub fare, which isn’t meant to sound like I’m damning it with faint praise. I wouldn’t be writing about the pub otherwise. The hamburger I had was made with good quality beef served in a beautifully soft brioche bun that soaked up the juices so none of the burger’s taste escaped. Even the burger sauce served on the side was beautifully made. Great food doesn’t have to be fancy – it just has to be great.

The reason I’m bothering to blog about the lunch, though, is because of the beauty I had for dessert: the Crown Cranachan. I hadn’t heard of this dessert before today but I can’t see myself ever ordering any other dessert from the menu at the Crown whenever I visit. A cranachan is traditional Scottish dessert and kind of like a Scottish version of the Eton Mess, although in my opinion, vastly superior. The version at the Crown is a whisky cream with honeycomb, chocolate chips, granola and raspberries, topped with ‘chocolate spaghetti’. It’s a sweet dish (obviously) but the raspberry cuts through perfectly. I was in heaven eating this. I’m going to have to try to make a version at home.

Crown Cranachan

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