“Violence is never ever a choice that a man should make.”

I didn’t know this about Patrick Stewart before I came across this video via Upworthy.com but he’s been open in the past about the domestic violence he witnessed and suffered as a child. This response to a question from Heather Skye, someone who has been helped by a speech of his against violence against women, […]

I just fed you and your fat brother, so why are you now still yelling at me?

In contrast to yesterday’s triumphant dessert, P and I went out for dinner tonight and had at best an average meal for a slightly above average price. ((Of course, we did the stupid English thing of saying ‘everything’s great, thanks’ when the waiter asked us how everything was, when we actually meant ‘no, the food’s […]

Other girls may try to take me away (take me away), but you know, it’s by your side I will stay…

I like to think I’m all cool and more mature in my relationship with football and in particular my football team, Crystal Palace, but when it comes down to it, I can’t help caring more than is healthy. I care as much now as I did when I was a season ticket holder and regular […]

Late night baking

Hasn’t happened for a while since I got the hang of timing (and controlling) the rise of my sourdough but I ended up doing a late night bake tonight (pictured above), hence sneaking this post just under the line. I’d not accounted for the time allotted for rising in Dan Lepard’s recipe for chocolate and […]

I’m afraid your Rule Britannia mania doesn’t ring so true / If I was captain of the waves I’d turn the gun on you…

Amidst the unfortunately predictable reaction from extremists to the horrific attack in Woolwich yesterday (not necessarily helped by the way it was reported, but that’s a debate for another time), I can’t help but be reminded of George Orwell’s essay ‘Notes on Nationalism’ and his distinction between patriotism and nationalism. In brief, and I believe this […]

Good writing v talented writing

Brain Pickings, in Good Writing vs. Talented Writing, on Samuel Delany’s book About Writing: Seven Essays, Four Letters, and Five Interviews: One of his key observations is the crucial difference between “good writing” and “talented writing,” the former being largely the product of technique (and we know from H.P. Lovecraft that “no aspiring author should content himself with […]