I’m gonna slice a lemon in two and when the charcoal’s burning bright, we’ll be there, in heaven…

I usually have an aversion to the word ‘infographic’ but let’s not go there today. Instead, take a gander at the results of a survey done by Great British Chefs as part of their ‘Get cooking with kids’ campaign. I have to admit I don’t cook with Amélie as much as I should do, and certainly not enough with anything outside of baking. It’s not through a lack of willing on Amélie part. I think the main problem is the control freakery I exhibit in the kitchen which means it takes a lot of restraint not to take over if, for example, Amélie is taking too long kneading the dough.

Another resolution to add to the list, then: get Amélie more involved with the weekend cooking.

Cooking With Kids - Survey Results

Post title lyric taken from Salad – Motorbike to Heaven
Infographic courtesy of Great British Chefs

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