I leaned back on my radio, some cat was layin’ down some rock ‘n’ roll…

Last night’s episode of the BBC’s utterly fantastic radio series The People’s Songs focused on David Bowie’s Starman. I’m not going to say much more about it, you should just listen to it.

I hadn’t realised until last night that Bowie’s Space Oddity pre-dated Starman by three years, being released in 1969. Space Oddity is one of those songs that instantly transports me to my childhood, specifically to car journeys. Space Oddity was one of the songs on my mum’s mix tape that she had on in the car on repeat play for, ooh, it seemed like years. Other songs I recall from that mix tape are Don McLean – American Pie, The Eagles – Hotel California and Richard Harris – MacArthur Park. I think the Police – Roxanne was also on there but I can’t quite recall for sure. None of these songs would be considered ‘cool’ right now (regular listeners to Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour will know how much Guy Garvey hates MacArthur Park) but I still have some sort of affection for them. Funny how memories work, isn’t it?

Post title lyric taken from David Bowie – Starman

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