Scoring Baguettes

One of the things I’m teaching myself at the moment is bread-making. I’ve got a lovely sourdough starter called Bessie who is 10 months old. I’ve reached a sort of plateau with my bread-making in that I can produce a half-decent loaf consistently but I hardly ever hit dizzy heights of near perfection. (On the plus side, my disasters are few and far between or, rather, I know how to recognise a disaster in the making and rescue the situation.)

Scoring baguettes is something that I find difficult. Even though I’ve been on a bread-making course at Le Cordon Bleu, they didn’t really cover how to score the baguette in any great detail; certainly not in the same detail shown in the video below. So this is me, at 39, getting excited at a video showing how to score baguettes before baking…

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