Graphic designers are ruining the web

John Naughton writing in the Observer about how ‘Graphic designers are ruining the web’.

Personally, I’m a minimalist: I value content more highly than aesthetics. The websites and pages that I like tend to be as underdesigned as they are cognitively loaded.

I agree to some extent, which should come as no surprise to people who know me in my role as a content strategy consultant. But look at the site Naughton holds up as a paragon of content over design, the home page of Peter Norvig. I’m calling bullshit on John Naughton’s assertion that “It’s as easy to navigate as anything produced by a web-design agency for £100,000 plus an annual service contract”. Look at that site and tell me that even a tiny bit of design nous wouldn’t make that page more useful by presenting the content in a more findable and readable way.

How many more times do we have to say this? It’s not a case of content or design. You need content and design.

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