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The Guardian, on declining music sales in the UK:

While sales may be on the wane – and illegal downloading on the rise – CDs remain the nation’s favoured format, accounting for 76.1% of total sales last year, compared with a 23.5% market share for digital and 0.3% for vinyl.

I get why people like to have something physical to own. But CDs are just as physical as a hard drive (or even a remote server ‘in the cloud’), containing zeros and ones that need to be read and decoded.

Now vinyl – vinyl I can understand. A vinyl record contains the music in its grooves in a direct physical form. Put it this way: stuck on a desert island, with a little bit of nous and a lot of time, you could feasibly make a record player, not a CD player.

I’d want those desert island discs to be vinyl, not compact.

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