Lucky Soul – Upon Hilly Fields

Upon Hilly Fields is the last single from Lucky Soul‘s second album ((if I were American I would be obliged to refer to the album as their ‘sophomore’ effort)), A Coming of Age. It’s actually the lead track on an EP featuring the Dolly-Parton-meets-Jackson-Five Love3 and country weepy Could Be I Don’t Belong Anywhere. There’s also a new b-side for us Lucky Souldiers who’ve already got all the other tracks.

I know I bang on about Lucky Soul until it gets boring but, seriously, if they got the recognition they deserved I wouldn’t have to do it. Their first album, The Great Unwanted, was great, but A Coming of Age is massive. If you’ve got even a smidgen of an inkling of a liking for any sort of Northern soul, you need to get into Lucky Soul.

You should really buy their albums but if you want to hear them first, here’s the Spotify links:

A Coming of Age:

The Great Unwanted:

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