Shed Simove – Ideas Man

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a talk at eBay HQ given by Shed Simove. If you ever get a chance to see Shed speak, take it. He’s entertaining, witty and seems like a genuinely nice bloke. But most of all, he’s inspiring. He’s the kind of bloke you never regret having around.

The session was an entertaining mixture of autobiography, comedy, and tips on creativity and innovation. More than that, its inspiring overarching theme and moral, if you like, is to JEDI: just effing do it (my more polite and more pleasingly Star Wars-referencing version of JFDI).

It’s not an original thought, of course, but the way it’s delivered by Shed makes you really believe it. It’s impossible to get across how inspiring Shed is but the fact that I’m blogging about this and telling everyone I know this gives you, I hope, some sense.

As a parent, I strive to be a good role model for my daughter. One of the things I hope I can give her is a sense that happiness can come as much from trying and failing, as much as trying and succeeding to do something. If she becomes someone who has limited ambitions, assumes failure before even trying, or is content to be one of life’s followers, I’ll have failed as a parent. I want her to live, not just to exist. And while I continue to meet people like Shed, I can ignore the dead-weights and have faith in my daughter’s future, and the future of humankind.

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