Wild boar sausages, mash and onion gravy. Panettone and butter pudding – 10th January 2010

A hearty Sunday dinner today. Wild boar sausages from Robert & Edwards in Reigate, served with mash potatoes (nothing fancy done with them; only olive oil, salt, a knob of butter and a splash of double cream) and onion gravy, the onions having been roasted with the sausages. Dessert finished off the last of the […]

Taglione and meatballs in tomato sauce – 9th January 2010

A lazy dinner today, since the panic-buying in the shops due to the impending warnings of heavy snow meant that buying fresh meat or veg was nigh on impossible.  Cook in Reigate (see my review of Cook on Qype) does decent frozen food – all proper ingredients, none of those preservatives with laboratory names – […]

Thai red curry – 4th January 2010

Dinner tonight was a Thai red curry made simply with some red curry paste fried briefly in the wok before a tin of coconut milk and a splash of stock was added.  A sliced red chilli (I didn’t bother taking the seeds out), a sliced red pepper and mange tout was then added and the […]