Qype: Nando’s in Richmond


The healthy (ok, not as unhealthy) alternative to KFC, Nando’s offers half-decent grilled chicken, with a choice of spiciness from why-bother to overly-compensating-for-small-winkie). The side dishes are also somewhat more interesting or better done than KFC, with spicy nuts or olives helping to stave off starvation before your meal’s brought to you.

Nando’s is fairly child-friendly, with decent options for children and a menu option that includes unlimited amounts of frozen yoghurt.

A good choice for a quick tasty and cheap-ish meal before popping into the neighbouring Odeon to catch a film.
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  1. I have a soft spot for Nando’s, even though there’s not much I can eat on the menu since I went veggie. For a chain it feels just different enough to be nice (like Wagamama does, too), and the range of hot sauces is indeed ace.

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