Cisco Career Connection’s horrible pop-up


Cisco Career Connection pops up a modal dialogue box containing some legal gubbins when you want to submit your details to them.  The problem with it being that the lawyers have done their usual trick of making the text so long-winded that no one would bother reading it, thereby making it very easy to make people sign their souls away without realising it.

Oh, that’s not the main problem.

The main problem is that the text in this dialogue box is so bloody long you can’t actually see the all of it if you’re on a standard MacBook 1280×800 screen.  It’s a big problem because you can’t actually get to the OK or Cancel buttons at the bottom, and you can’t do anything like resize the window or make the text smaller in an effort to squeeze it all into a visible area because of the terrible way it’s been coded.  (The experience up to this point is pretty horrendous, too.)  You end up having to ‘force quit’ Safari to make it usable again.

I hate pop-up confirmation dialogue boxes at the best of times.  If you want me to agree to something, use the standard ‘By clicking on Submit you agree to blah’ or use an ‘I agree’ tickbox.  Don’t pop up some other window – especially not a modal one – that makes me have to click again.

Here endeth the rant.


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