Very superstitious

Heard the most extraordinary crap on Radio 4 last Friday.  I know it’s the silly season, but somehow I expected the Today programme to be above all that.

Commenting on the fact that China had decided to start the Olympics at 8.08pm on 8/8/08, the Today programme got a numerologist, Sonia Ducie, in to spout on about various ‘characteristics’ of the number 8, and how the word ‘China’, in some stupid childlike counting game purporting to be significant, comes out as the number 8.

I have no time for mumbo jumbo nonsense ((Thought for the Day is my cue to switch over to XFM to see if there’s any decent music on (the answer to which is, alas, ‘rarely’)) but a sort of morbid fascination kept me tuned in.  And then I got the money moment, when this woman described the Chinese as “superstitious” on more than one occasion, as if numerology were some kind of science and not in itself inherently absurd.

I was going to post this up earlier (probably best that I didn’t, since my incredulity would have been translated into profanity) but the sound file seems not to load properly, one hopes because the BBC is ashamed of itself for broadcasting this nonsense).

Here’s the link anyway:

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