Bill of fare for Thursday, 10th April

Breakfast: The usual hotel stuff. Lunch: A mixed bag – potato salad, sweetcorn, tomato, butter beans, kidney beans, cucumber, along with some chicken nugget type things, cheese-filled chili peppers, and breaded mozzarella. Dinner: Italian place called Malatesta (which, I was told by my linguist colleague, means ‘headache’). Lovely restaurant, and food was ok. The Italian […]

Bill of fare for Wednesday, 9th April

Breakfast: Same as every other day this week, seeing as I’m in the same hotel and the selection doesn’t ever change. Lunch: Working lunch brought into the meeting room. Better than the normal boring Pret stuff we get in London, though. Open sandwiches with ham and salad on lovely crusty bread. Love the bread here […]

Bill of fare for Tuesday, 8th April

Breakfast: The hotel doesn’t seem to change breakfast at all, so I had the same as yesterday. Lunch: Tagliatelle with broccoli and salmon. Another work canteen special. The tagliatelle was rather overcooked. Dinner: We were taken out to a Swiss restaurant called Nola’s. Since we were a large group, we ended up having to choose […]

Bill of fare for Monday, 7th April

Breakfast: Bread, meat, cheese, yoghurt, boiled egg. I like staying in continental hotels. The breakfast is substantial enough to be satisfying, yet not artery clogging. Yes, I could try to avoid the cooked breakfasts, but I find it very difficult to do so. Lunch: Chicken meat balls, cardamom sauce, rice, from the work canteen. Surprisingly […]

Bill of fare for Sunday, 6th April

Breakfast: Scrambled egg on toast. Lunch: Meatloaf and mashed potato (bought by P from M&S). I do make home-made versions of these (which are tastier) but with a flight to catch, needs must. Airplane: Tuna and mayo / ham, cheese & pickle half-sandwiches, and a breakaway chocolate bar thing. Dinner: Arrived late (c’mon, I was […]

Bill of fare for Thursday, 3rd April

Breakfast: Two slices of toast with marmite. Then a couple of egg mayonnaise and bacon baguettes from Pret A Manger (delivered to work as part of a bulk order for a course I was helping to organise). Lunch: Singapore noodles from Miso Noodle Bar. Dinner: Oops, succumbed to the KFC monster again, because the kitchen […]

Bill of fare for Wednesday, 2nd April

Breakfast: Hot cross bun.  I think.  I really ought to pay more attention at breakfast. Lunch: Pizza at work again.  Lots of meat feast pizza and some pepperoni.  Very, very bad. Dinner: King prawn fried rice, made by my own fair hands.  The prawns were Ecuadorian organic king prawns (from Waitrose, natch, and probably costing […]

Bill of fare for Tuesday, 1st April

Breakfast: A soggy hot cross bun at home, then various pastries at work. Lunch: Tepid meat-feast pizza (leftovers from a meeting), and a couple of half-baguettes (one containing chicken and bacon, t’other containing ham and egg mayonnaise). Dinner: I’m helping run an induction course this week, and tonight we set up a drinks and food […]