Bill of fare for Friday, 21st March

Good Friday, but being an outright atheist means I couldn’t care less what that means in terms of tradition. Having said that, I did very well out of the Easter egg hunt at the office yesterday (another bonus of being in on a day when I shouldn’t have been), so there’s chocolate around. Breakfast: Toast […]

Bill of fare for Thursday, 20th March

Unexpectedly had to go into work today, with some odd consequences for my food intake. Breakfast: At home, a couple of slices of toast with marmite. At work, while I was on a telephone call, a colleague came round with a basket full of hot cross buns, and via the medium of sign language while […]

Bill of fare for Wednesday, 19th March

I’m currently writing this with a stomach that feels like it isn’t digesting my dinner, so I may yet get to see it again some time soon… Breakfast: Croissant, with butter and seville orange marmalade. Lunch: Had a lunchtime meeting so had to nip to the local sandwich shop to get an egg mayonnaise and […]

Bill of fare for Tuesday, 18th March

P was too ill to look after A on her own today, so I didn’t go to work. Not that it made a huge difference to what I ate, apart from lunch being unhealthier than normal. Breakfast: So predictable, I won’t repeat myself. Lunch: Sesame-flavoured demae ramen noodles, with some chipolatas making up the meat […]

Bill of fare for Monday, 17th March

Breakfast: Oh my god, this is getting so predictable: two slices of toast and marmite, washed down with green tea. Lunch: Unexpectedly ended up having to travel across to the other side of London for a meeting in the afternoon, so grabbed a ham and mustard sandwich from M&S, along with a packet of Skips […]

Bill of fare for Sunday, 16th March

Second Sunday in a row that we’ve done ‘posh chav’ for lunch. Starting this food diary has made me realise what a sucker for routine I am. Breakfast: A rare cooked breakfast, although it was only scrambled egg on toast. Amélie had some, too, although I obviously over-cooked her egg just a bit to make […]

Bill of fare for Saturday, 15th March

Meals at home are my responsibility at the weekends, which is a fair deal, given that P cooks almost all the evening meals during the week. While I often mock and complain about P’s forward planning of meals, my ‘let’s see what we feel like eating on the day’ attitude means I spend more time […]

Bill of fare for Sunday, 9th March

Breakfast: It’s 8pm, and I can’t actually remember what I ate 13 hours ago for breakfast, reflecting either my age-affected memory, my Amélie-affected memory, or the utter forgetfulness of what I ate. Not good. Lunch: After flicking through the Lazy Brunch recipe book (full of recipes from my current favourite tv programme about food: Something […]