Bill of fare for Saturday, 29th March


Toast, two slices of which topped with butter and garlic sausage, the remaining slice topped with butter and ham. Once again, A stole some of it.


Home-made pizza, topped with a modicum of ripped mozzarella, ham, torn basil leaves and sliced tomatoes (no tomato sauce). The pizza dough was actually a purloined section of the bread dough I had made in the morning. I love doing this kind of thing, because it’s so much nicer than shop-bought stuff and I know that I can feed it to A, and she’ll be getting food that’s tasty and good for her.


Another meal where A had some portioned off. This time, chicken paella. I made a schoolboy error in forgetting the chorizo for this, so it wasn’t as savoury as I’d have liked, but it was still nice. I also stirred in some cooked prawns into my portion (P doesn’t like prawns, for some bizarre reason).

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