Bill of fare for Monday, 31st March

Breakfast: No time for breakfast at home, so had to grab a bagel, spread with marmite, at work. Lunch: A poppy-seed covered baguette, filled with chicken, lettuce and tomato from posh-ish high street baker Paul.¬† Someone at work said I must be earning too much to¬†afford to buy stuff from Paul, but the cost of […]

Bill of fare for Sunday, 30th March

Breakfast: Toast with ham, although A, as usual, decided my breakfast was more interesting than hers. I managed to barter with her (no mean feat, since she is only 16 months old) and got a strawberry in return for a piece of ham. Lunch: A fry up, consisting of sausages, streaky bacon, fried eggs and […]

Bill of fare for Saturday, 29th March

Breakfast: Toast, two slices of which topped with butter and garlic sausage, the remaining slice topped with butter and ham. Once again, A stole some of it. Lunch: Home-made pizza, topped with a modicum of ripped mozzarella, ham, torn basil leaves and sliced tomatoes (no tomato sauce). The pizza dough was actually a purloined section […]

Bill of fare for Tuesday, 25th March

Breakfast: Two slices of toast with saucisson a l’ail. A, the adventurous little girl that she is, decided she also wanted to try some saucisson. Lunch: Beef sandwich, using the leftovers from last week, with mustard and mayonnaise. A few of those new Pringles rice jobbies on the side. Oh, also nicked some of A’s […]

Bill of fare for Monday, 24th March

Breakfast: Since today was a Bank Holiday, and nobody was under any time constraints, P cooked up some bacon and scrambled eggs, which we had on toast. Lunch: A Very Bad Lunch: a 4 piece variety bucket from KFC, shared between me and P. Excuse: the selection in M&S was uninspiring and it was a […]

Bill of fare for Sunday, 23rd March

Another slightly odd day, due to having people round for lunch. Breakfast: Hot cross bun, washed down with English Breakfast tea Lunch: Selection of stuff including cocktail sausages, leek tart, focaccia, humous, chicken drumsticks, potato salad; finished off with some lemon cheesecake. All bought at M&S (by P). Dinner: Still full from lunch, and needing […]

Bill of fare for Saturday, 22nd March

Breakfast: Hot cross bun + green tea. Lunch: Met up with a friend from work for dim sum at Wing Yip. Amongst the food consumed: har kau (prawn dumplings), paper-wrapped prawns, beef cheung fun, fried dough stick cheung fun, mixed meats with crispy fried noodles, turnip paste with dried meats (A’s favourite), and loads of […]