Sick Transit!

This is the message you get when you go to [link removed 4 January 2019 as it no longer works] and go through the ‘forgotten password’ process.

Password in Transit!

What’s good:

  1. The ‘forgotten password’ process is simple.
  2. The title of the confirmation page is consistent with the link that precedes it.

What’s not so good:

  1. Why the exclamation mark after ‘Password in Transit’? Is the system so surprised it managed to send the username and password that it has to express delight?
  2. ‘Password in Transit’ smacks of Systems Engineer English. Techies are clever people, don’t get me wrong. Some just seem to lack the ability to write. Something simple like ‘Details sent’ would have sufficed. What’s wrong with Plain English?
  3. Is there actually any need for this heading at all? The next line of ‘Your username and password have been sent to’ says it all.
  4. While I’m being picky, I’d have stuck a colon after ‘sent to’, since the email address is presented separately on the next line. Either that or just stick the email address directly into the sentence.

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