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A painful Boxing Day and a rude awakening on Christmas day

My abiding memory of today, Boxing Day, is being kicked fair and square in the knackers by A. To be fair, it was entirely my own fault. I had done something or other to wind A up – in a nice, Dad way – and somehow we agreed that my punishment would be for her to kick me. I assumed a sumo wrestler-like squatting position – in another futile attempt at humour – and rather than kicking me on the bum, A’s foot travelled at great speed between my legs and into my crown jewels. Ouch.

Which has reminded me about how I was woken up on Christmas day: being slapped awake by A. Now, A is actually fairly strong, so it was a rather rude awakening, literally.

So, for Christmas I got a lovely book by A about what a great dad I am. It made me cry. I’m such a baby. I also got a ukulele, with which I’ve been driving everyone mad, practising Love’s Enormous Wings by The Leisure Society. I think I’ve got the verse sorted. I now need to learn to play the chorus. I’m determined to have it nailed by the new year.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I’m doing my darnedest to stay connected today – by which I mean connected to the people in the same house as me and not to the internet – so that’ll do for today.

It’s all in the preparation…

Busy old day today, making mince pies and biscuits with A to leave out for Santa, the reindeer and elves, and then doing what prep I could for tomorrow. Yes, it’s ‘just’ another roast dinner but there’s more elements to it than usual – what with accommodating various requests so it’s more akin to cooking individual dishes at a restaurant – and I don’t want to be tied to the kitchen all day.

So having done the baking with A – I love that it’s become a Yau tradition, and I hope it continues – I made the cauliflower cheese (A’s request) ready to pop into the oven for finishing, peeled and parboiled the spuds ready for roasting, and did the first stage of the Boxing day ham in the slow cooker. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to poach the ham in the slow cooker but I’m glad I thought of it this year. Saved a lot of stove top space while I was doing the veg and making P’s dinner at the same time.

So now, as I hear the rain lashing down for the second night in a row, I think I’ve earned my Christmas Eve kip. No lie in tomorrow, of course. Not when there’s an excited and excitable 7 year old in the house! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Earth wind map

Considering the horrific wind and rain currently battering Britain, it seems worth linking to the earth wind map today.

Here’s how it’s looking at the time of writing this post, but it’s worth clicking through to see the real time animations.


I’m going out for a little drive and it could be the last time you see me alive…

Went for a test drive of the BMW i3 today and surprised myself at how much I liked it. The i3, in case you’re not familiar with it, is BMW’s new all-electric car. I test drove the all-electric Toyota Prius last year and kind of liked it but more in the sense of liking the idea of having a new car. (In the end, P got a Honda CR-V instead, and boy, does she know it, every time she pays for petrol.) I anticipated having the same sort of feeling about the i3. Actually, to be totally honest, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like it at all, given that I felt the photos on BMW’s website made the car look ugly.

All those preconceptions fell by the wayside when I saw the car in the carbon fibre flesh. It actually looked pretty good (in my opinion anyway) and suddenly, when I looked round at the more traditional BMWs in the showroom, they looked really old fashioned. When I actually got to drive the car, there was a definite wow factor that was missing in my Prius test drive. The acceleration was incredible fast and, not being burdened by gears as such, incredibly smooth.

I’m one of those people who have a real prejudice against BMW – well, their drivers, I guess – and would never normally consider one but the i3’s a lovely drive. The only fly in the ointment is the lead time: ordering an i3 this month would get you the car in September…

Post title lyric taken from Radiohead – Killer Cars