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In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need Goldie Blox, ‘engineering toys for girls’ – they’d just be ‘engineering toys’, a bit like Lego used to be gender neutral before it started to try and pinkify stuff. We’ve got a helluva lot of old-fashioned thinking to overcome before people realise that the whole ‘boys will be boys and girls will be girls’ nonsense is self-perpetuating bullshit, but we’ll get there, and I’ll happily take Goldie Blox as one of the steps forward on that long road.

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Running on empty, part 2

Last week I was cream-crackered after playing two hefty games of football at the weekend. This week, I haven’t played football at all and I’m even more cream-crackered. Yesterday I was in my idea of hell, a very busy, very crowded school Christmas fair; today, I was in my other idea of hell, in charge of a group of small children high on sugar and the excitement of a birthday party. It’s not like I even did all that much – P was also there and taking charge, but it really sucked the energy out of me. God knows how I’d be if A’s friends weren’t the well behaved girls they actually are.

Happy 7th birthday


A’s 7th birthday today, and she’s started a blog. That’s my girl!

It was interesting looking at photos from each of A’s birthdays so far. From the age of 3, there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of change from year to year, compared to the first few years, which surprised me.

The night before the day after…

Seven years ago today, at this time, I was in Epsom hospital with P, who had just about gone into labour. Seven years ago today, I didn’t have a clue; I thought I knew who I was but I really had no idea what was about to hit me. I had no idea how life would change in a single split second, how I would become a better person, how my heart would swell with infinite love, just from seeing my daughter being born.

I can’t really remember life before A came along, and I don’t want to. Life with A in my world is the only life I want. And I am thankful that it’s the life I’ve got.