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Star Wars lightsabers finally invented

Wannabe Jedi Knights rejoice, for scientists have discovered that the famous lightsaber weapon wielded by Luke Skywalker and his ilk in the long-running space opera saga might one day exist beyond the realms of fiction.

When I was growing up, my weapon of choice wasn’t a gun, sword or my fists. It was a lightsaber. A gentleman’s weapon, the effective use of which was art, not brute force. Did I say ‘when I was growing up’? It’s still my weapon of choice and I still ridiculously get a yearning for a real one whenever I pick up a toy lightsaber. So the news that Star Wars lightsabers have finally been invented is too exciting for words. I hope they invent the technology to create fully functioning limb replacements, though. I don’t really fancy having my hand chopped off Luke Skywalker style without that backup.

Brunch at Hally’s, Parsons Green

Eggs florentine with smoked salmon at Hally's


Met up with some friends for brunch this morning, at Hally’s in Parsons Green. I had the eggs florentine with smoked salmon, served on sourdough. One of my friends had the pancakes, which were served with a lovely bit of fig. The food was good and the restaurant itself pleasant enough.

Hally’s certainly knows its target market very well, as the place was packed with plenty of blonde yummy mummies and other middle-class Sloaney clichés. I don’t mean that in a horrible way; it was just very amusing to see such a high proportion of blonde (natural or not) women in one place. And they weren’t the braying horsey caricatures you see on tv. Just well off, well presented and well turned-out people. Much as I enjoy a proper greasy spoon, I certainly didn’t object to having a posh brunch in the midst of the beautiful people.

I wouldn’t necessarily make a special trip into town just to go to Hally’s but if I was in the area, I’d certainly consider dropping in. With the pleasant atmosphere, lovely decor and decent food, I can certainly understand why it was so busy today and wouldn’t be surprised if it was like that every Sunday.

2013-09-29 11.36.11 HDR