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Locate the London Location

Locate the London location “drops you into 10 places in London using Google Street View. All you have to do is answer: where am I?”

Really frustrating for someone like me who still calls himself a Londoner despite not having lived there for a very long time and not having even worked there for a good few years.

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Eighth wedding anniversary

It’s mine and P’s eighth wedding anniversary today… and she’s disappeared off to Devon with A for the week! As you can see, the weather on our wedding day was much like today’s.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. Our marriage works for us because we’re two very independent people who share both of our lives, not sharing just one life, having to do absolutely everything together. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it works for us. (It especially worked for P a couple of nights ago, since it was just me who stayed with A at pony camp.) Doing things apart makes us value the time we have together more, and gives A two very different parents to learn from; kind of like a wider personality gene pool.

And days like this keep me warm, keep me warm, keep us warm…

Amélie and Daddy outside tent


If you are reading this blog post it means that I didn’t survive my night camping with A at pony club. I have scheduled this post to go up automatically at 5pm and if it goes up, it means I haven’t returned to civilisation to stop the automatic posting. Please send a search party to Walton-on-the-Hill. I may have been eaten by foxes.

Just kidding, of course. The night out under the stars was OK. Not perfect but better than expected. The kids, as expected, tired themselves out and the guy who lives on-site at the stables very kindly let us put the kids on his sofa to watch some TV to wind down before we returned to our tents.

There was a modicum of fidgeting from A while she made herself comfortable but nothing unreasonable. As it turned out, the mattress she was sleeping on must have had a slow puncture or something because it was deflated more than I expected this morning. It’s a miracle A slept as much as she did, really, although I still got a 6am wake-up call from her.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I spent, ooh, an hour trying to get back to sleep after I’d got up for a 3am wee. On the plus side, the moon was shining brilliantly and beautifully at that time. Last night was the first time I’d ever seen my own shadow in the moonlight. That and A’s happiness at having camped for the night made the slightly broken and short sleep well worth it.

I turned down the bacon rolls served up for breakfast as I’m fasting today (there’ll be an update soon on that). Really not sure where those reserves of willpower came from.

Post title lyric taken from The Polyphonic Spree – Days Like This Keep Me Warm

It’s like an animal farm, lots of rural charm…


Today I’m blogging from the rather dubious comfort of an inflatable mattress in a tent in a field in a stables somewhere in Surrey. Still, could be worse: an inflatable mattress is far preferable to a bog standard groundsheet and at least I have a separate ‘bedroom’ to A and there’s a sizeable ‘living’ area. So yes, the big tent on the right of the photo is ours. The other family here – two children and their mother – are all sharing a single tent. (It’s the small blue one in the middle of the pic. The red tent is being used as a dressing room/storage.)

We’re here for one night as part of A’s week at pony club. She’s been so excited about camping, bless her. I wonder if tonight will make her want to do it any more or maybe it’ll put her off for life. Although I love my home comforts, part of me wants A to fall in love with outdoors life.

Post title lyric taken from Blur – Country House