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A Chinaman abroad

England is far from perfect but I still can’t think of any other country I’d rather live in at the moment. Particularly when you get conversations like the one I had last week in Turkey.

Waiter: Where are you from?

Me: London.

Waiter: Really?

Me: Yes. Well, now I live just outside London but I was born in London and grew up there.

Waiter: Really?

Me: Yes.

Waiter: But you have, err, you know…

* Waiter makes slitty eyes gesture *

Me (sighing): My parents are from Hong Kong. Happy now?

Waiter (smiling in triumph): Ah yes, I knew it.

Reminds me of the Friday funny I posted a few weeks ago.

Torturous teen

Torturous teen. To think I once believed teen-rearing would be so easy; like most parents, I thought I had the “magic touch” that would make my own teenager be my pal instead of my enemy. No suck luck.

Final paragraph of chapter 11 of Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland

Given how moody A can get now, I’m really not looking forward to her teenage years. She’s already started taking longer to get ready for the day because she’s started to apply make up. Like mother, like daughter…

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