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Lucozade and Ribena up for sale

Lucozade and Ribena have been put up for sale in a move that could value them at £1bn.

I’m not surprised, the amount of Lucozade and Ribena I’ve been drinking these past few days in an effort to get better. Lovely bit of ridiculous corpspeak quoted in the Guardian article:

Witty said GSK would “pursue the divestment of these brands”

“Pursue the divestment”?! You mean, ‘sell’? Ridiculous and unnecessary pomposity.

Being boring

Still ill, hence lack of proper blogging recently. I suppose I could just let myself off the daily blogging thing until I get better but, well, I don’t know, I stupidly want to put something up every day, even if it’s a ‘cheat’ post like a link post. Also, I suppose I want to be able to look back and say, ‘Yep, April 2013 was really crap, health-wise.’ It’s the whole thing about this blog being less about writing for an audience and more as a journal, I suppose.

On that note, I’m off for yet another night of rubbish broken sleep.

Angry Sub-Editor: Corporate clichés: “Dedicated to mediocrity”

Angry Sub-Editor: Corporate clichés: “Dedicated to mediocrity”

Chances are, unless you work in marketing, your only experience of Nunwood will be its surveys. Their wording displays such a degree of sloppiness and imprecision that one would think it was deliberate. The public’s “experience” is hardly one of “excellence”, unless “excellence” has come to mean “carelessness and inattention to detail”. 


I’m still ill. Good job I didn’t sign up to run today’s London Marathon, although even when completely free of illness I doubt it’d have been a good idea to run it.

Speaking of marathons, Marina Hyde’s column in the Guardian – Why the Boston terrorist plot is the least successful in living memory – has been causing a bit of a deserved buzz. Given the title, and the opening paragraphs, I didn’t expect to be so moved by the piece by the end. I won’t spoil it for you. Just read it.