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Reading too much into things like everything

Amélie got some Lego for her birthday last year. It was one of those kits that had a scene to build, with buildings and people. I think this particular one was a vet.

I pointed out to Amélie that she hadn’t played with it for ages. Her response: “Yeah, because I already made it.” And it dawned on me, for her, playing is about the making. So it explains why she isn’t so fussed about doing pretend play with dolls or cuddly toys (although she does it very occasionally) and she prefers cutting things up, gluing them, generally making works of art or design and once she’s made one thing she rapidly moves onto the next.

That makes me happy.

The obligatory new year post

Hello, dear I’m sorry, I know I’ve been neglecting you.

The thing is, I’ve got another site which may be higher maintenance but is also more cherished (or at least visited) by more people so it’s a bit more visible if I don’t keep it up to date. Besides, that site has an external force that demands a certain publishing schedule be met.

You, on the other hand, you’re just there whenever I want. And because you’re there whenever I want, ‘whenever’ is, actually, ‘hardly ever’. I tried to redefine my relationship with you and I thought we were doing quite well, at least in the first few months of last year, but when I looked back and really thought about it, I realised I chose to do what I thought I should do instead of what I wanted to. And that’s not worked out for either of us. The world does not need another linked list style blog – not one that isn’t brilliant anyway.

So here I am, darling, with new year resolve, promising that you and I will forge ahead in our own merry way so that at least we’re happy, even if no one else is.