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Prejudiced, Conservative People Probably Stupid, Says Science

The “liberal elite” is not in your imagination, friends. Fox News viewers really are that dumb!

The irony of the headline for this piece on studies on the link between cognitive ability and prejudice is that it’s pandering to its own prejudice about the right wing.

The Trouble With “Free”


And so once the basic business proposition is “this company will make the most amazing Web services available and give them away for free in order to sell you to advertisers,” plummeting levels of privacy become inevitable.

Intellectual-masturbation death match

Martin Robbins, in a piece about the BBC’s treatment of science, writing in the Guardian about the Today programme:

Every question was designed to put the guests on the defensive or to create conflict, and even reasonable points were phrased in an aggressive manner.

The Today programme’s style of questioning is used on every subject, not just science. It pretty much guarantees that anyone who appears on the Today programme is going to be on the defensive, however innocuous the topic. And is it any wonder that politicians are so devious and disingenuous when they know that the person interviewing them isn’t trying to find out anything useful but merely trying to catch them out to generate headlines?

[via @paul_clarke]