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Measuring content strategy: Not a piece of cake | Words Are Delicious

Interesting blog post that gives an insight into the difficulties of measuring content effectiveness when content is part of an overall design process.  ((There’s an almost incidental insight into the compromises that are made when your company’s culture is most certainly not to sweat the details, although the author of the blog post may disagree with me on the culture.))

This bit in particular I found interesting.

We need to recognize content is the voice of our brand, and we have to take responsibility for what we say to our customers and how we say it. I want us to ask ourselves not, “Will this new content make us more money?” but, “Is this new content right for our brand?”

The company referred to in the blog post is the company I used to work for up until eight days ago, but it seems that a battle we fought and won a couple of years ago in the UK – working with the brand team so that the tone of voice guidelines are an integral part of the overall brand guidelines – is something yet to be tackled at the mothership.