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Qype: Nando’s in Richmond


The healthy (ok, not as unhealthy) alternative to KFC, Nando’s offers half-decent grilled chicken, with a choice of spiciness from why-bother to overly-compensating-for-small-winkie). The side dishes are also somewhat more interesting or better done than KFC, with spicy nuts or olives helping to stave off starvation before your meal’s brought to you.

Nando’s is fairly child-friendly, with decent options for children and a menu option that includes unlimited amounts of frozen yoghurt.

A good choice for a quick tasty and cheap-ish meal before popping into the neighbouring Odeon to catch a film.
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Qype: Claridge’s Hotel in London

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Claridge’s totally lived up to the high expectations and high cost when I stayed here for one blissful night recently.

The service was excellent from the off, with complimentary champagne on arrival and free pre-dinner cocktails. Oh, and a free room upgrade.

The room was as luxurious as you’d expect, and quite a lot bigger than I’d come to expect from central London hotels. While it wasn’t quite a suite, there was a separate dressing room and opulent bathroom.

Parking here is pretty easy to find, by the way, and free on Saturday nights and all of Sunday, so if you don’t want to slum it back on public transport after your stay, it’s easy enough to take the car.

Combine a stay here with dinner at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, and you can’t fail to have a really special time.
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Qype: The Balloon Works in Richmond


Found this gem thanks to Qype (and thanks to amyloukew).

Great stock of balloons here, and friendly service that means you don’t have to hunt for ages for the one that you want. I just named two things my daughter liked, and within a couple of minutes, the appropriate balloons were inflated, paid for, and on their way to a happy two-year-old girl.

Parking near the shop is easy to find (it was on a Friday morning, at least) and free.
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A penguin in South Africa

Having rescued the honeymoon photos, I’ve now got to go through them and process them.  Might take me a while, since there’s over 3,500, so here’s a teaser to keep you going until I stick up the full set on Flickr.