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Recommended reading: The Kitchn

I’ve been loving The Kitchn since I added it to my NetNewsWire feeds, so it’s about time I added it to the blogroll (and thought seriously about getting Spag Blog back up and running).

The only problem with The Kitchn is that it’s a US blog so a lot of the time, a minute after I exclaim ‘ooh!’ at news of a kitchen gadget, almost inevitably it’s followed by an ‘ah, bugger’.  Not that it kills me – after all, in the current economic climate, it’s good to have something stop me getting the credit card out.

Really useless web form label

Welcome & Reward Registration
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Great example of lazy form design with no thought for the user experience, found when registering for a hotel’s rewards scheme.  The form has plenty more examples of lazy/non-existent design, but the one I’ve picked out is the best.

There’s just absolutely no context or explanation given for this thing.  Even if they’re working under the assumption that users are experienced enough with web forms to know that this has something to do with consenting to receive direct mail, there’s still no clue as to whether ticking the box opts you in or out.