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I’m going through my old photos, reprocessing them through Aperture 2 and adding metadata (or giving it a good scrub). Some photos were done before I got Aperture (processed in iPhoto, perish the thought), some I just want to look at again with my current skill level, and some I just never got round to processing properly anyway.

First up for review today was the set of photos I took when Alfie (RIP) played the Camden Barfly in 2005 (I had a mini-midlife crisis when when I saw how old the photos were).

It’s been an interesting process. I’ve learnt that my post-processing workflow is now so well-honed that I can get from 291 images to 2 presentable ones in 10 minutes, quite easily.

Related to the above, I know that I’m much more discerning about what makes it from memory card to outside world. When I first went through this set, 13 photos made it onto Flickr. ((Family snaps remain on kenandpauline; my more serious, po-faced work will live on the logorrhoea Flickr account. Feel free to add both as a contact.))

My photography has definitely progressed rapidly since those days when I shot the photo above with my first SLR, a Canon 350D. I’m still quite proud of the two photos that made the cut this time round, though.