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Bill of fare for Monday, 14th April


I don’t think I actually ate anything for breakfast.


We had some visitors from the US at work today, so we all went out for lunch at the floating restaurant H2O. We shared bruschetta and garlic focaccia (with and without cheese). I had a main course of seafood pizza.


Again, visitors meant eating out. This time we went to a lovely French restaurant called La Buvette (my review on Qype). I had an excellent meal, with all three courses very much up to scratch: scallops, onglet steak with chips, nougat glacé.

Bill of fare for Sunday, 13th April


Mini croissants, with butter and seville orange marmalade.


Evidently the mini croissants at breakfast were too mini, so I had to give in at 11am and stuff myself with two pieces of toast with peanut butter.


Had some of the family round, so just a spread of various salads, ham, sausages and sausage rolls. You can probably tell it wasn’t a Bar Mitzvah.


After having such a late, grazing kind of lunch, dinner was taken very late and consisted of a bowl of noodles.

T-Mobile announcement – written for the business, not for the customer

I was on the T-Mobile site earlier, looking for information on their wi-fi hotspots, and was struck by the horrifying level of corporate speak.

This is the graphic on the site that got me interested.

Wireless Internet Access - T-Mobile HotSpots-1.jpg

What’s good:

  1. The ‘Learn more’ button at least doesn’t fall into the ‘Click here’ trap.
  2. ‘Nope’ is nice and conversational.

What’s bad:

  1. The exclamation mark in ‘ News Flash!’, although I can kind of forgive that, given that this is an US site, and exclamation marks proliferate more freely on the other side of the pond.
  2. The use of ‘impact’ as a verb. Ugh. There is never any excuse for this. If you want an easy swap, just use ‘affect’ instead. There’s no excuse for ‘impact’ to leak outside the corporate environment. Come to think of it, there’s no excuse for it to be used inside the corporate environment either.

Clicking on the ‘Learn more’ button then takes you to a media statement.

Here’s a short extract:


I really can’t bring myself to say anything good about this; there’s so much wrong with it.

For starters:

  1. Linking from a customer-facing page to an announcement written for the media isn’t a great experience.
  2. The T-Mobile statement refers to an “announcement regarding the Starbucks Wi-Fi operations”, but doesn’t give you any more details about that announcement. As someone who happened to visit the T-Mobile site without knowing about the Starbucks announcement, that’s enormously frustrating, since I have no context in which to frame the rest of the T-Mobile announcement.
  3. The whole announcement is just plain ugly. Just because you’re making a corporate statement, it doesn’t mean that you have to write it using so much corporate drivel: “Wi-Fi network operations transition”, “associated with this transition”, “Our primary focus is to ensure minimal customer impact”, “committed to providing the public with exceptional Wi-Fi access” (I particularly hate the habit of corporations of describing their products and services in glowing terms, as if saying it enough times would make it true), “customers also will continue to benefit from our commitment to remain the innovation leader” (Oh, I’m sure ‘innovation leader’ really means something to your customers).

Bill of fare for Saturday, 12th April


Toast with ham. Not a million miles away from the hotel breakfasts this week, but it’s still good to be home.


Thai-spiced fishcakes from a recently refurbished pub called The Inn on the Pond. Also ate the remains of A’s ham and cheddar baguette, along with her chips and some token salad. My review on Qype


Red chicken curry, made by P.

Bill of fare for Friday, 11th April


Bread, ham, cheese, boiled egg, blah blah blah.


Salad including sweetcorn, tomatoes, mozzarella, butter beans, &c.


Stuck in Berlin airport, with my flight delayed by two hours (yes, British Airways, and Terminal 5-bound), so had a crappy sandwich which, I think, contained some cheese, along with some token salad to bulk it out. On the plane, a horrible coronation chicken/cheese & chutney combination. I really don’t know why they bother.