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The penultimate beat of the drum,
As the second to last chord is strummed.
When all other words have already been heard,
I’ll sing the last song for you…

The Last Song from The Great Unwanted by Lucky Soul

Today I published my last written ((I’m still hoping to contribute with the odd bit of photographic coverage)) post ((Appropriately enough, given how I started off this entry, the post was the announcement of the winner of a competition to win a pair of tickets to see Lucky Soul.)) on Londonist, and I thought it would be apposite to start off this new blog by looking back at my blogging past.

Not what I did for Londonist but what Londonist did for me:

  • Introduced me to a fantastic bunch of people.
  • Helped me discover some great new bands, some of whom remain undeservedly undiscovered by the mainstream.
  • Got me cooking for Gordon Ramsay.
  • Turned my casual photography into a more serious affair, which in turn got me (and gets me) paid photography jobs.
  • Led to me helping to write a book, The London Collection, allowing me to tick the box next to ‘become a published author’.
  • Plugged me into the freelancing scene and the web industry.
  • Got me a contract with Webjam, my first taste of working for a company that is truly part of the new economy.
  • Taught me how to write and edit for the web.

Writing for Londonist opened so many doors for me. I cannot imagine how else I could have managed the journey from management consultant to project manager to programme office consultant to my current employment as a writer and editor for eBay UK, where I do a job I love (and do bloody well, I might add), at a company I admire, for a management team I respect, with people with whom I have a stupid amount in common, and for a decent salary.

My job with eBay is why I have to give up writing for Londonist, in a final straw kind of way. My output had all but slowed to a trickle anyway, but with a demanding day job where I’m actually kept busy ((Those who know me well will know how underemployed I’ve been in certain previous jobs)), and a demanding life as a new father, I no longer have the time to research and write up stories maintaining the quality levels I’d have liked.

There’s still a little part of me that can’t help wanting to set down my thoughts for public consumption (whether or not the public will consume them is another matter), so this is my attempt at a blog that will be of interest to a wider audience than the family and friends that make up the readership of my family blog.

More about this blog and its subject matter will follow at a later date. For now, however, allow me the self-indulgence of looking back and saying goodbye to a hugely-important part of my life.