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A was reading to me at bedtime tonight. The book was one of the Mr Majieka series. In case you don’t know, Mr Majieka is a wizard.

In the chapter A read to me, Mr Majieka is casting all sorts of spells against a witch who, in return, casts horrible spells rather more successfully in his direction. One exchange has the wicked witch, Mrs Worlock, claiming that the phosphorescent fire Mr Majieka had thrown at her was pathetic because ‘they sell that in Tesco’s nowadays’.

At which point, A interrupts herself and says, “No, you can’t. That’s stupid.” I had to point out to her that 1. she was reading a work of fiction and 2. she didn’t seem to have any problems with the idea of the wizard and the witch casting spells yet had issues with the mention of the magic being sold at Tesco.

Fascinating how the mind of a child works.