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I’ve had this song as an earworm for over a week now, after Guy Garvey played it on his show on 2 February. There’s a lovely melancholic tone to the melody and vocals. I love a bit of melancholia in my music, as I probably harp on about too much.

I’m not sure why but I’d always assumed dEUS were a heavy metal band so have never really paid them much attention. I love that hearing them on Guy Garvey’s show has brought this beautiful song to my attention. (I’ve actually not had the time to explore their back catalogue so for all I know, I might be right, and ‘Instant Street’ is a weird aberration.)

I’d also assumed that the sudden fade at the end of the song was down to poor production of Guy Garvey’s radio show by the BBC, trying to squeeze in the news at the expense of letting the song come to its natural end, but judging by this video, the song really does fade that suddenly.

Update: just found Instant Street on Spotify. The song ends as I expect it to, with the instrumental coda building to a much more satisfying climax.